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Vast: the Pilbara project. 8 Aug ’17.

Sunset panorama, Goat Hill, Cossack, WA
Pilbara rocks, coral, seed pod
Casting my shadow, at Cossack

I’ve been invited to participate in an exciting arts project in September, along with 20 or so other Australian artists of all disciplines, including some well-known musicians. We are going to spend a few days in the ghost town of Cossack, just south of Karratha on the Pilbara coast – and create. There are no specific requirements, we just absorb and respond to the vibe of the place. Collaboration is encouraged, and the musos will produce an album of new music.

I’m going to create an installation in one of the restored stone buildings, and collaborate on a photographic work with Melbourne artist Baby Guerilla. We were lucky to have visited the site earlier this year, to get some inspiration, with local artist/musician Qynn, a couple of Melbourne musos and a luthier from Perth.

I’m responding to the vast scale and beauty of the Pilbara with an installation of small hand-made clay forms, arranged in a way that plays with scale, the size and weight of my body.